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Defence Civlians Medical Aid Fund
1. Constitution

This Fund was established in 1953 as Defence Civilians Welfare ( TB, Cancer & Leprosy) Fund. However, after its scope was enlarged it is now known as Defence Civilians Medical Aid Fund ( DCMAF). It is a Society registered under Societies Registration Act 1860.


2. Objects


The Fund has been established to provide financial assistance to its members in case they or their dependents suffer from specified ailments. Existing benefits of the Fund are indicated in para 7.


3. Membership


The membership of the Fund is on voluntary basis and is open to all civilian employees whether industrial or non-industrial paid either from Civil Estimates or Defence Services Estimates, and borne on the roster of the Ministry of Defence, Armed Forces Headquarters, Organizations working under the Ordnance Factory Board, Inter-Services Organizations and other formations or subordinate offices of the Ministry of Defence throughout the country. The present membership of the Fund is about 1,58,000.


4. Rates of subscription

  (a) Rates of annual subscription  
    Less than Rs. 3050/- Rs. 30/-
    Rs. 3050/- and above but less than Rs. 6500/- Rs. 50/-
    Rs. 6500/- and above Rs. 100/-
  (b) Rates of full service membership
(one time payment )
    Basic Pay less than Rs.3050/- Rs. 200/-
    Rs.3050 and above but less than Rs. 6500/- Rs. 300/-
    Basic Pay Rs. 6500/- and above Rs. 400/-

5. Governing body


The Fund is managed by a Managing Committee under the Chairmanship of the Defence Secretary. Additional Secretary controlling the office of CAO is the Senior Vice-Chairman and Joint Secretary & CAO is its Vice-Chairman. The Deputy Chief Administrative Officer(TCW)/Welfare Officer-in-Charge in the office of JS & CAO functions as its Honorary Secretary-cum- Treasurer. Other members include AG, DGAFMS, Air Officer-In –charge Personnel, DGMS (Army), DGMS (Navy), DGMS (Air), JS(E), Addl. DGAFMS(MR), DS(E), DOA/NHQ, DOP/R&D Orgns., etc. Three representatives of Indian National Defence Workers Federation ( INDWF ) , All India Defence Employees Federation ( AIDEF ), and Bharatiya Pratiraksha Mazdoor Sangh (BPMS) are also its members.


6. Executive committee


The Secretariat Office of the Fund is located in Room No. 171, ‘B’ Block, New Delhi-110011. Its functioning is supervised by an Executive Committee comprising the Vice-Chairman, Addl. DGAFMS(MR) of the office of DGAFMS and the Honorary Secretary of the Fund. This Committee also deals with individual requests for grant of aid from the Fund.


7. Existing benefits of the fund


After completion of the membership of the Fund for one year from the date of payment of first subscription, members and their dependants are entitled to the following assistance from the Fund.

  (a) In case of TB, Cancer or Leprosy  
    (i) Nutritious Diet Allowance @ Rs.800/- per month
    (ii) After Care Allowance @ Rs. 600 /- per month upto 6 months (after having completed domiciliary treatment).
    (iii) Ex - Gratia Grant of Rs. 20,000/- to the family if member patient dies.

Reimbursement of the cost of X-ray films and other laboratory tests.

  (b) Subsistence allowance
    (i) Subsistence Allowance @ Rs. 100/- per day if member patient remains on leave without pay and allowances due to TB and Leprosy (up to 6 months). In case of Cancer patient there is no time limit.
    (ii) Subsistence Allowance @ Rs. 100/- per day if member patient remains on leave without pay and allowances due to paralytic stroke (up to 6 months) Subsistence Allowance @ Rs. 100/- per day if member patient remains on leave without pay and allowances due to paralytic stroke (up to 6 months)
    (iii) Subsistence Allowance @ Rs. 100/- per day if member patient remains on leave without pay and allowances due to accidental injury (up to 6 months)
  (c) In case of burn injuries

Nutritious Diet Allowance @ Rs.150 /- per week (upto 12 months )

    (ii) Special Prosthesis upto Rs. 5,000/-
  (d) Additional financial help for

Procuring Blood for Transfusions (Rs.600/- per transfusion) for leukemia.


Cataract Operations with Implantation of Intraocular Lens

upto Rs. 2,500/-
    (iii) Hearing Aid upto Rs. 1500/-
    (iv) Purchase of Crutches As per rates fixed by the ALIMCO, Kanpur
    (v) Purchase of Wheel Chairs
    (vi) Purchase of Support Shoes (Calipers) upto Rs. 2,000/-
    (vii) Purchase of Neck Band for Cervical Spondilitis upto Rs. 1,000/-
    (viii) Purchase of Tricycles for physically handicapped upto Rs. 5,000/-
  (e) In case of major operations  

* Coronary By-Pass Surgery
· Valve Replacement
· Implantation of Pace-Makers
* Renal Transplantation
* Joint Replacement/ Surgery

Reimbursement upto Rs. 15,000/-
  (f) Accident related ex-gratia grant  
    (i) In case of loss of two limbs/eyes or more of the member patient due to an accident Rs.15,000/- (lump sum)
    (ii) In case of loss of one limb/eye of the member patient due to an accident

Rs. 10,000/- ( lump sum)

    (iii) * Ex-gratia grant to the family of the member patient if he/she dies due to an accident Rs. 50,000/-
* This benefit is available to only Full Service Members of the Fund and those Annual Members who have remained members of the Fund consecutively for ten years on the date of their death

All benefits except ex-gratia grants in case of an accident are available to members after one year of joining the fund.

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