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Email address of Officers
Designation Email Address Contact No.
JS(E/CAO) js.cao-mod@nic.in 011-23018201
Director (HR) dir.hrcao-mod@nic.in 011-23018212
Director (E&A) dir.eacao-mod@nic.in 011-23018206
Dy CAO (DCW) tcw.cao-mod@nic.in 011-23016156
Dy CAO (EW) ew.cao-mod@nic.in 011-23018208
Dy CAO (MPR) mpr.cao-mod@nic.in 011-23018214
Dy CAO (P&L) pers.cao-mod@nic.in 011-23018084
Dy CAO (FM) fm.cao-mod@nic.in 011-23018205
Dy CAO (DD & Legal) dd.cao-mod@nic.in 011-23018084
Dy CAO (A) adm.cao-mod@nic.in 011-23018202
Dy Dir (MM-II) mm2.cao-mod@nic.in 011-23014698
Dy CAO (MP&B) mpb.cao-mod@gov.in 011-23792495
DD (MOV) ddmov.cao-mod@gov.in 011-23014819
DD (R-II & CP Cell) ddr2.cao-mod@gov.in 011-23014609
DD (A-2) dda2.cao-mod@gov.in 011-23014523
DD (DD) dddd.cao-mod@gov.in 011-23014464
DD (P1) ddp1.cao-mod@gov.in 011-23014661
DD (Qtg) ddqtg.cao-mod@gov.in 011-23792259
DD(Spl Proj) ddsplpro.cao-mod@gov.in 011-23792487
DD (DHTI) dddhti.cao-mod@gov.in 011-23014686
DD (Pension & Griev) ddpg.cao-mod@gov.in 011-23792487
DD (Welfare & OL) ddwel.cao-mod@gov.in 011-23013718
DD (Coord) ddcoord.cao-mod@nic.in 011-23018230


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